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  Who am I?  
I have been involved professionally with environmental issues for 25 years and with the integration of business and environment for 20 years
Was originally an organic chemist and high school teacher

Created and shaped the Swedish branch of Greenpeace and served as policy advisor for Greenpeace International
Founder and owner of Miljkompassen, one of Sweden's first environmental! consulting firms, established 1990
Previously a member of the Swedish government's Committee on Environmental Impact and an expert on its Committee of Chemistry
Licensed coach and published writer

A committed visionary, dedicated to making things happen
Possesses strong analytical skills and a predisposition for education and graphic presentations

Hailing from the north of Sweden, I love picking mushrooms and carving skiing with great speed and precision, but I am just discovering a new affinity for sailing
My two kids are 17 and 21 years old
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