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  Sustainable IT and digitalization  

IT hardware and operation
All IT operations have an impact. It is possible to buy better, or worse hardware and it is possible to operate it in different ways and last but not least all worn out equipment must be taken care of. The difference in conscious decisions that are measured and followed up, compared to unconscious, is significant. More and more people buy IT as a service, which moves all sustainability decisions to purchases and agreements. We help you set up the best solutions regardless of how you buy and operate your IT solutions.

Climate benefit of digitization
Estimates are made that about 15% of the global climate impact can be solved with the help of digitization. It is about digital meetings, dematerializing, optimizing properties and a lot of other things. We analyze and appreciate opportunities with different solutions

Competence and workshops
We are known for our seminars, courses and workshops around IT / digitization and sustainability. A good start to work with sustainability

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