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Said about the book and the author:

"A good read with a liberating pragmatic and goal-oriented content."
Jan Zetterdahl, Stockholm County Council, Sweden

"Many thanks for today's extraordinarily well executed, interesting, and very important presentation!"
Olle Johansson, Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

"Great work yesterday at the TCO seminar. There are not a lot of people like you, who can unite profound knowledge, experience, and commitment, and with your presentation give people the desire and the courage to act. Excellent! I am convinced that your message really came across to the participants. Your book, which l have studied closely, is also very well structured, easy to understand, and incredibly useful."
Per Erik Boivie, Founder of the International TCO labeling of IT products

"No-nonsense, straight to the point without unnecessary fillers. Just what is needed. Simple enough for those who have yet to get started, and a kick in the right direction for those of us who are already well on our way."
Maria Losman, Ecoplan

"I have now read your book about Green IT, and I feel very good about it. The writing is good, concise, with great key notes; a well thought-through introduction to the area. I would without a doubt pass this on to my management team."
Staffan Fredlund, Senior Consultant, Sigma
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