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  Climate services  
Climate analysis - climate-positive activity
The climate issue cuts across all businesses. Creating an overview of where in business climate impact arises, what requirements can be expected from customers and when time is appropriate, provides good basis for setting goals and achieving a climate-positive activity. We help you what is meant and what is credible when it comes to being climate positive.

Strategies and introduction of renewable energy
Renewable energy is central to a climate-neutral society. Which fuels and which electricity is used in own operation and among important suppliers? How do you buy credible renewable electricity outside the Nordic region? How important is additionality? What effect do different measures have and how can they be financed?

Measure and set goals
Climate is measured in one unit and it is carbon dioxide equivalent. Finding good ways to transform, measure and follow up is central to effective work and communication of results.

Standards and initiatives
Both in Sweden and the world, there are various initiatives in the field of climate work. Joining different initiatives can have good value in communication, but all initiatives also have some form of price in terms of requirements. Which standards and initiatives are good for your business?

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