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I have shaped and held lectures and courses for well over two decades. My lectures are inspirational, informative, with current examples and vivid imagery. As a presenter, I draw on years of personal experience and a renowned natural talent for teaching.

What are your information and involvement needs? Perhaps you need 20 minutes of information about environment and business, a half-day seminar for all employees, a green- themed client event, or maybe something completely different? Making the right investment in environmental information will be of that much more use to both your company and to our planet.

Content suggestions:
1. Green IT: Technology, economy, and environment in harmony
2. Green risks and green opportunities for your business
3. Negotiating a constantly greener world
4. Eco-labeling and other ways to garner "green credibility"
5. Long-term efforts for sustainability
6. Environmental issues and their solutions

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What are your information and involvement needs?